Secure Shelter

 20 ft. Intershelter DomeFor very short term incidents and while on the move a soft sided tent may be sufficient to provide some protection from weather. Any length of time beyond a few days will require a lot more than just a piece of fabric to protect against raging weather, marauding gangs, sharp claws and knives, etc. Whether in your backyard following a hurricane or earthquake, fire or flood that destroys your house or at your chosen emergency bug out location, the Intershelter Dome is the perfect solution. While not backpackable it is  portable and easily assembled / disassembled by two or three people in only 3 or 4 hours.

20 ft and 14 ft. Intershelter DomeInterShelter domes are 100% made in America with hard sides, dual lockable doors and dual pane windows. They are available in two sizes: 14' diameter made of HD plastic with a foam core, and 20' diameter made of high-tech fiberglass composite. These one-of-a-kind structures can take 30 feet plus snow loads and withstand winds of over 180 mph. Which size best fits your needs. 

Example InteriorInteriors can be as elaborate or simple as you want. When assembled in advance with time to dress them up you can make them absolutely beautiful. Or, assemble them after a quick exit from your former home and you immediately have solid, secure living quarters. Put sleeping bags on sleeping pads or cots and you're good to go.

Dome Interior Example 3

Floor Space: 14' = 154 sq ft / 20' = 314 sq ft
Door Opening: 14' = 26" x 49" / 20' = 36" x 81"
Interior Ceiling Height: 14' = 8.4' at Center / 20' = 12' at Center
Manufactured in Porterville, CA  and Dundee, OR
Fire Rating Class 1A for both sizes
Crate size: 14' = 71"L x 71"W x 40"H / 20' = 51"L x 90" W x 54"H
14' Weight w/ Crate = 800 lbs, w/o Crate = 600 lbs.
20' Weight w/ Crate = 2200 lbs, w/o Crate 1100 lbs

Dome In The Woods1Dome In SnowDome In Woods 2

Not sure an Intershelter Dome is the best solution for you. See how Intershelter Domes have stood up to the punishing weather of Antarctica where the domes have provided luxury accommodations for more than a decade.


To discuss the options that will make your Intershelter Dome the perfect Emergency shelter, quiet get-away, hunting base camp or second home for you, speak directly with an Intershelter Dome representative by visiting their site Intershelter Information Request and providing some initial information. They will personally call you to answer ALL of your questions to ensure you get exactly what will be best for you. Use the Promo Code PrepZone to receive a substantial savings when you order. Intershelter Domes, as with other products sold by Preparedness Zone, require your order to be placed via a live voice phone call using the Promo Code PrepZone. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to call Jim at Preparedness Zone: 208-419-7452 with any questions or concerns.