Reliable Energy

Let’s face it. Most power outages come at the worst times. Right in the middle of Bone-Freezing sub-zero Winter Storms, killer ice storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes…right when you need electrical power the most. Perhaps it will happen in life critical situations such as the need for long term refrigeration for medicines. And, what if you need to leave your house for some reason? You can take your Total Solar Technologies (TST) Solar Maxx Portable Generator System with you! For complete information visit Total Solar Technologies NOW and use Promo Code Preparedness Zone to speak directly with Jeannie.

Solar Maxx 6000 Lithium Expanded


Solar Maxx 6000 ExpandedTST offers the highest quality inverters that are Marine Rated. They can even be used in boats on the open sea and in high humidity areas. With TST you simply get More POWER, Better QUALITY, More EQUIPMENT For Your Money than anywhere else! And every system is portable and can be made EMP proof.

Every system qualifies for full 30% Federal Solar Energy Tax Credits (currently scheduled to go down to 25% at the start of 2020 and even lower in 2021) and may also qualify for additional State/local deductions (check your state's available deductions at Compare to other kits that don’t include batteries, breakers, combiner boxes, etc. We offer only the latest and most efficient solar technology available and in various sizes. For complete information and to order direct from Total Solar Technologies, ask for Jeannie and use the Promo Code Preparedness Zone.

Adding Wind Generators

2000 watt Wind GeneratorFor many, adding a wind generator to your solar system makes very practical sense. A quality wind generator on cloudy, stormy, shorter winter days, etc. with less than optimal sun can often provide replacement energy production. When the sun is going down and the evening breezes come up and even during storms, continue to charge your battery bank with wind power.

TST's 2000 Watt Wind Generator is absolutely state of the art. Includes wind generator, carbon fiber blades, mounting hardware, rectifiers, 440A 12/24/48 Volt Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Controller with Volt and Amp Meter, Lightning arrestor, 2100 watt dump load resistor, 50 feet of cabling...basically, everything except the 1 1/2" pipe (& guy wires) on which to mount it.

These generators (the heart of the system) are specially designed wind generators with permanent magnets, slanted rotors, heavier coils/stators, larger cooling ducts. They are more efficient , have a wider range of power, and are less expensive than other systems on the market. As a comparison... it has twice the amount of copper wiring than a Delco generator of the same price.

Go to Total Solar Technologies and order your Reliable Energy Source after speaking directly with Jeannie using the Promo Code Preparedness Zone.