Healthy Living

Protecting against an unhealthy environment will be crucial to survival during catastrophes such as Pandemics, chemical/biological contamination, etc. Ensuring that the air inside your secure shelter is clean and safe can not be left to air sprays and filters that run out and wear out.  

Clean Air

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Your first line of defense in maintaining a healthy living environment must be continuous and rock solidly reliable. Pure-Light Full Spectrum, Daylight Bright LED light bulbs use a patented Titanium Dioxide nano-coating creating a photo-catalytic action that cleans the air of all bad bacteria and viruses, allergens and smoke, foul odors and mold. Pure-Light light bulbs are the highest quality and longest lasting LED bulbs available in the world. They look like other LED bulbs but these bulbs clean the air while providing the kind of light you need within your secure shelter.

Pure-Light bulbs are the perfect source of light anytime keeping the air clean in your home while saving you money every day. Pure-Light bulbs use only 9.5 watts while providing the brightness of 75 watt incandescent bulbs. And because they are nearly unbreakable they stand up to harsh environments better than other bulbs.

Learn more at Pure-Light Technologies and order yours today. You can't afford to not use a few in your home now and in your secure shelter. You'll appreciate them even more when powered by your Total Solar Technologies' Solar Maxx Solar Generator.

 Fuel-less Cooking
All American Sun Oven w/DPP PackageSun Oven Collapsed

No fuel, no smoke, no pollution. That is the perfect description of the All American Sun Oven. Using only natural and free sunlight, the Sun Oven bakes, boils, dehydrates all kinds of food. As long as you can see your shadow you can cook and bake almost anything. Even at -30 degrees the Sun Oven cooks just like a regular gas or electric oven without the need for fuel. It also purifies water using pasteurization and/or boiling. SUN OVENS® harness the natural power of the sun to cook or bake the most unbelievably delicious food while reducing energy costs and benefiting the environment around the world. Of course, you will be better prepared for emergencies when they occur. Buy NOW to save as much as $70.

The Sun Oven is your first choice for a long term cooking solution. Free video instructions and free recipes are available, as well. Use the promo code PreparednessZone for the best deals possible. Buy NOW to save as much as $70 with early holiday pricing to help you help yourself and to plan as gifts to help your family.

Super Hot Fire

Socrates FireSocrates Fire Burning

The SOCRATES FIRE™ is a very efficient, portable rocket stove that generates a super hot fire with just a few twigs. Use it to cook, boil water, and even distill water in conjunction with your Survival Still! You use less fuel, create less smoke which protects the air around you while cooking and yet folds flat for portability. Don't let wasted heat go up in smoke because smoke means unburned, therefore costly, fuel. Less smoke also means less visibility to others. The Socrates Fire folds flat to fit in its included carrying case about the size of a lap top computerand yet is easy, efficient, super strong and burns super hot; perfect companion for your Survival Still. Order both today for you and each family member - and be ready for even the worst scenarios. Call Preparedness Zone now: 208-419-7452.